One Sentence Weekend Forecast - The Odd Life of Timothy Green / The Expendables 2 / ParaNorman / Sparkle / Compliance / Cosmopolis / Robot and Frank

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

A kid’s movie that’s not animated? What are we, in the 90s? Can I say “tubular” again?

The Expendables 2

"Waaaah! The story doesn’t make any sense! There’s no character development! This is dumb!" It’s an action movie! I just came to see Jason Statham ax kick a guy’s head off. Also that has to be one of the most awesome movie posters of all time.


I don’t think zombies count as paranormal anymore. More like “increasingly more desired fantasy situation”. WE’RE THE REAL MONSTERS!


A film inspired by the Supremes but not actually about the Supremes. I hope they took some artistic license and they like pull off a heist or something.


"Compliance" sounds like a word only a robot would use, and even then only when he’s threatening a human with disintegration.


I’m terrified to watch this, since at one point I’ll probably think “wow, is Robert Pattinson vaulting himself into legitimacy?” and then vomit blood all over myself.

Robot and Frank

Frank Langella uses a robot servant to help him perform a heist to impress Susan Sarandon? How is this only a limited release?!